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Staff Entertainment Day on Teacher's Day!

A firm believer in education and a well known diplomat, scholar and above all a teacher, Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan gave us a reason to celebrate Teacher's Day on 5th September every year. It is the same day he was born which is celebrated across countries, marking him a tribute for the contribution he has made to the society.

Teachers look forward to celebrate this occasion no less than the students. It is a day for every student to honor his teacher and acknowledge them for all that they have learned in life. Their efforts need to be recognized as they too need encouragement and accreditation for shaping up the future of every individual.

Mother's Pride and Presidium was no less in doing the same. The teachers and the support staff celebrated Staff Entertainment day on the occasion of Teachers Day on 5th September 2012. The department heads & their teams from the support office enjoyed their stay at the Sita heritage Resorts in Manesar. For the rest of the staff, there was a choice; some chose to have a thrilling experience on the water rides at Jurassic Park in Sonepat whereas others opted to go to a famous Bolloywood movie - Joker at the Pacific Mall.
At the branch level, the teams went to Kingdom of dreams, Art of curry, Pratap garh Farms, Damdama Lake depending upon their choice and preferences.

Also, each of the teacher and staff were given a special Teacher’s Day Mug as a part of the Teacher's Touch campaign initiative as a token of affection. This was a day to make every teacher feel special about themselves and to acknowledge and recognize their dedication.

In all, everybody rejoiced the day and cashed lot of fun making it memorable.



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