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Q:1 How do I join knowledge Tree?

Q:2 What is the selection criteria for Knowledge Tree?

Q:3 What are the programs being offered by Knowledge Tree?

Q:4 What is the duration of Program offered by Knowledge tree?

Q:5 What are the benefits of doing a Program from Knowledge tree?

Q:6 What is the fee structure of Knowledge Tree Programs?

Q:7 Where would the classes happen for the Program?

Q:8 Can I get a job in any good school once I opt for a Program by knowledge Tree?

Q:9 What is the Job guarantee certificate?

Q:10 What are the Program Schedules?

Q:11 What assessment procedures are followed during the training?

Q:12 Who are the faculty members?

Q:13 What is the mode of payment?

Q:14 Does Knowledge Tree offer part time program?

Q:15 Does Knowledge Tree offer any scholarships?

Ans:1 You may fill in the Online Registration form or visit any of the Presidium & Mother’s Pride Branches. Our counselors would assist you with the registration procedure.

Ans:2 We at Knowledge tree are welcoming all young graduate individuals who aspire on growing into and expert. However we have an assessment criteria on the basis of which selections are done for the course

Ans:3 At knowledge tree we train young professionals in the field of education. The Programs offered are:

  • Bachelors in Transformation of Secondary Education (BTSE)
  • Bachelors in Transformation of Early Education (BTEE)
  • Innovative Program in IT (IPIT)
  • Innovative advanced program in IT (IAPIT)

Ans:4 Program duration varies from 6 months to 12 months.

Ans:5 The Programs offered at Knowledge Tree aim to equip & empower candidates with

  • Guaranteed Job
  • Salary – Best in the Industry
  • Life altering Training
  • Fun based Learning. Like excursions, events
  • Workshops by Experts
  • Growth as an Educational Expert

Ans:6 The fee amount varies as per the program enrolled for; you may please call us at Knowledge Tree helpline.

Ans:7 At the time of admission each candidate will be allotted a branch based on the preference mentioned in the application form.

Ans:8 Knowledge Tree works on creating expertise which is being preferred by top-of-the line public schools. It shall give you a future, no other course in education or teacher training can even hope to give, However all the programs offered by knowledge tree come with a guaranteed job.

Ans:9 A job guarantee certificate is given to all professionals on successful completion of the training. The job guarantee is applicable for The Mothers Pride & Presidium Chain of Schools.

Ans:10 The schedule is Program dependent. Generally the classes are conducted on all days except one Saturday. For further information call us at Knowledge Tree Helpline.

Ans:11 We have an ongoing assessment schedule which is carried out throughout the training in which we assess the candidates holistically on their subject knowledge & Life skills.

Ans:12 The candidate enrolling for knowledge tree would be trained by experts with the rich functional experience & are highly skilled in the education industry. We have exceptionally trained faculties with a cumulative experience of 20 years in their respective domains.

Ans:13 Candidates can make the payment through Cash/Cheque/Demand Draft. For details please call us at knowledge tree helpline.

Ans:14 All the programs offered at Knowledge Tree are full time. We are not offering any part-time or weekend programs as of now.

Ans:15 Yes, scholarships are offered on the basis of the performance in the selection process.


Bachelor in Transformation of Secondary Education
Course Duration: One Year

Bachelor in Transformation of Early Education
Course Duration: One Year

Leadership Program in School Management
Course Duration: Six Months

Leadership Program in Business Management
Course Duration: Six Months

Innovative Program in IT
Course Duration: Six Months

Innovative Advanced Program in IT
Course Duration: Six Months