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Innovative Advanced Program in IT, IAPIT

Today information technology is an important subject in schools, and this advanced program prepares you to teach the subject in senior secondary schools.

Technology is an integral part of education process today. With IT-enabled classrooms, it is not just taught as a subject, but also applied in the teaching of almost every subject. All this makes those who are IT experts in education; much in demand.

IAPIT, an advanced program in IT, makes you a specialist in IT education and its application in schools. On successful completion of the program, you will be placed in a premier senior secondary school, responsible for IT education and its implementation.

The program is meant for those who have done BCA/ MCA. If you are someone who is looking for challenges and growth, IAPIT is the right preference for you.

Duration: Six months

The Knowledge Tree IAPIT Program, Prospective growth with IAPIT, IAPIT, AN highly developed PROGRAM IN I.T., MAKES YOU A expert IN I.T. EDUCATION AND ITS APPLICATION IN SCHOOLS