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Ten academies, one aim: To create leaders in all disciplines

The academies provide Presidians a platform to discover and hone their abilities. Through activities, real life experiences, projects and events, the academies empower students with skills essential to be a leader in the modern world.

To come up with imaginative solutions, to generate ideas, to think out of the box are skills that takes one ahead in life, whatever be one's chosen walk of life. This academy conducts interactive sessions, activities, games and exercises so that the members excel in creative skills and lateral thinking.
The Managment Academy
In today's age and time, technology holds the largest share of children's imagination. To make them achieve most of it, we created an academy that provides them holistic training in world of web, programming languages, animations, etc. So that in this technology driven world, they are the ones who drive it.
For those who have a passion for dance, the Dance Academy offers just the right forum for personal fulfilment. Here students get training from the best artists of the industry and get exposure to various dance shows and competitions. In a way the academy serves as the launch pad for aspiring dance artists.
The Theatre Academy
Bringing Presidians to the spotlight is the ultimate aim of this academy. By giving them the opportunity to perform, deliver and enthral an audience, we aspire to build in our students stage confidence. It organizes theatre festivals, workshops and stage shows, bringing out the performer hidden inside every child.
The Music Academy
Nurturing the love for music and taking it to the height of passion is the goal of this academy. It offers training in different genres of music and also organizes events at national levels. Students get the opportunity to showcase their musical talent, and are given the right direction, exposure and encouragement.
The Management Academy
The academy believes that management is not just an subject but something that one applies every day. Whether it is money, resources or people, learning to manage them should begin early on. Here students are exposed to brain-storming sessions by experts and learn managerial skills through various tasks and events.
The Sports & Adventure Academy
At this academy, we aspire to create leaders on and off the field. May it be chess or football, it helps build many skills a leader should have - team building, courage, and the spirit to never give up. By providing cutting-edge training in various sports, adventurous camps and trips we offer everything a child needs to be a winner in life.
The Social Cause Academy
It is our moral duty to stand up and fight for just causes, to reach out to those who are less fortunate among us. At the Social Cause Academy, students actively participate in everything from planning a movement against global warming to organizing an event to raise funds for the destitute.
To lead and guide the nation with powerful words is what Presidians learn here. The academy caters to a myriad of areas in communication, specifically journalism and anchoring (both radio and TV). 'Take the centre stage and not be mere spectators' is what the students will learn at the academy.
The Fun & Humour Academy
The Academy takes up the onus to make fun a way of life for Presidians, thereby bringing positive energy to the mind and body. The students practise tickling the funny bone through jokes, skits and mimicry shows besides enjoying fun-filled activities on a regular basis, and learn to appreciate the lighter side of life.

Showcasing the abilities of academies through clubs

Legends Club

They are achievers whose feats will be remembered for a long, long time. When they are not breaking old records, they are creating new ones. Watch them stamp their mark on the planet.

Supremes Club

They out-race, out-wit and out-pound others leaving them far, far behind. They rule in their chosen fields, going as high as anybody can. They race through life in top gear, ahead of every one else.

Elites Club

They are the creme de la creme. And they are anything but ordinary. They are the ones who occupy the front-row seats in life. They work hard to get where they want to, but make it look easy. They believe success is their birthright.

Leaders Club

They are here to lead, not to follow. It is in their nature to issue orders, not to take them. They are the ones who direct the world, take the first step, go where no one has gone before. If you see them, get behind or get out of the way.

Victors Club

They believe victory should be theirs and theirs alone. They are persistent and passionate. They win whatever be the odds. They dream big, and perform bigger. They never lose because they never give up.

Maestros Club

They pursue excellence in everything they do. Their commitment to the quest for perfection is total. They work long and hard, and never let anything stop them from becoming number one. Mess with them, and they will show you what they are made of.